Organics 101

As I am attempting to insert more whole foods into my family’s diet, I was wondering which ones are better to buy organic? I had heard that some fruits/veggies don’t really matter, but for some, it’s best if you can swing for the organic.

Here’s the list of the “dirty dozen” that if you can buy the organic variety, it’s best. I will include a link at the bottom and if you click through to that page, you can print a wallet size card so you always have the list with you.



3)Sweet bell peppers






9)Imported grapes





Stepping out…..

Welcome! I am just beginning this journey of blogging and am so excited that you found your way here.  My heart is to share with you some of the things I have learned/ am learning as a wife, mom, nurse, and follower of Christ. And a wannabe healthy cook.

One of the challenges for me is just stepping out and sharing! With the bazillion really great blogs already out there, what else can I share that would encourage and/or interest anyone? Can I bring anything new to the table? Will even one person read this…or is it a waste of time?

And not to mention the fact that I am not very savvy with all of the technical things you can do… and vlogs and tags…..all of the fancy things I have seen on other blogs. I know, they probably aren’t THAT fancy or hard to do, but for this very technically challenged girl, it all seems overwhelming!

Nevertheless, here I am. Doing something that for me is not second nature. Just stepping out, taking a risk, and seeing what will happen.  Thank you for joining me and please chime in and let me know you stopped in!