Stepping out…..

Welcome! I am just beginning this journey of blogging and am so excited that you found your way here.  My heart is to share with you some of the things I have learned/ am learning as a wife, mom, nurse, and follower of Christ. And a wannabe healthy cook.

One of the challenges for me is just stepping out and sharing! With the bazillion really great blogs already out there, what else can I share that would encourage and/or interest anyone? Can I bring anything new to the table? Will even one person read this…or is it a waste of time?

And not to mention the fact that I am not very savvy with all of the technical things you can do… and vlogs and tags…..all of the fancy things I have seen on other blogs. I know, they probably aren’t THAT fancy or hard to do, but for this very technically challenged girl, it all seems overwhelming!

Nevertheless, here I am. Doing something that for me is not second nature. Just stepping out, taking a risk, and seeing what will happen.  Thank you for joining me and please chime in and let me know you stopped in!









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