Archaeological Evidence

Continuing in the series of biblical reliability, today we look at the archaeological evidence of the Bible being God’s inspired word to us. We are using the acronym MAPS, and talked about the M- manuscript evidence in the last post. Today, we continue with the A- archaeology.

There are numerous examples of field work validating what the Bible says. One such incident in the Old Testament is in the book of Daniel. Critics used to dismiss this book because there was no evidence that a king named Belshazzar ruled in Babylon during that time. Yet, he is mentioned in the book of Daniel.

However, new evidence shows that he did in fact exist and was co-regent over affairs while his father, the king Nabonidus, was gone away to worship the moon god, Sin. From wikipedia:

“The Verse Account of Nabonidus (British Museum tablet 38299) states, “[Nabonidus] entrusted the army (?) to his oldest son, his first born, the troops in the country he ordered under his command. He let everything go, entrusted the kingship (Akk. šarrûtu) to him, and, himself, he started out for a long journey. The military forces of Akkad marching with him, he turned to Temâ deep in the west” (Col. II, lines 18 – 29. 18). In line with the statement that Nabonidus “entrusted the kingship” to Belshazzar in his absence, there is evidence that Belshazzar’s name was used with his father’s in oath formulas, that he was able to pass edicts, lease farmlands, and receive the “royal privilege” to eat the food offered to the gods.”

This is just one example, and keep in mind, my intent here is not to be the most in-depth on these topics.  There are plenty of great apologetic sites and information on these topics. I’m just a regular, ordinary mama who wants to present some facts that show biblical reliability. I do think that it’s interesting that other historical documents/religious books are “innocent until proven guilty”, whereas the opposite is true for the Bible! It seems to be “guilty until proven innocent”. We won’t ever be able to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt every single person/story/event in the Bible, but there is sufficient evidence to require a closer look and open mind if you have been unsure or avoiding! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Archaeological Evidence

  1. I have been asked to read some literature from apologetics and I think your post has convinced me more than any simply because the ridiculousness that you just quoted Wikipedia of all things as proof that something from the bible is historical truth.
    I know that my comment probably isn’t the nicest because I just called your post ridiculous – but maybe this will encourage you to be more thorough because you never know who is reading and at the same time I will take what you have written and use it as a spring board to actually attack my own disbelief.
    Maybe this way we both can get something out of this.

    • Dy-Anne~ First, thank you for your comment! I totally agree with you that wiki isn’t the most reliable source sometimes- I was more pointing to what they said about that certain historical figure, not really the bible. Like I said in the post I am not a scholar or apologist….just a ordinary woman who is trying to just cause people to at the very least look into and be open to the idea that the Bible is reliable not only as a historical document but as relevant and a guide for our life- truth. I guess just to show that there is reason to look more in-depth to these issues. There are so many others that have well-articulated these ideas. Better than me! 🙂 I saw on your blog your reading list- good choices….esp the “I don’t have enough faith to be an athiest”. If my post caused you to look in to them more, then that’s fine with me! 🙂 For me, on my personal faith journey, my very heart, perspective, life has been changed by knowing Jesus and searching the scriptures and following him. My changed life is proof that I can’t deny or explain away.

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