Thoughts on the Marriage Amendment

I really try to steer clear of political arguments and issues as much as possible, unless I am asked my opinion.  Mostly because people probably don’t really care too much what I have to say! 🙂 And that is alright.

But in the midst of yesterday’s vote on the proposed marriage amendment, I have just one little post to write. I am not really going to even write much, just want to share an article by John Piper. He is writing because his state (Minnesota) will be facing the same proposal in November.

He said much more eloquently than I am able to what I believe to be true about this issue.

Here’s my favorite quote from the article:

“May God have mercy on us. Laws are not our Savior. We need a great awakening to the truth and glory of Jesus Christ far more than we need a marriage amendment. Our hope lies in the work of Jesus—for us on the cross, and in us by his Spirit. Be thankful for laws and for courageous political servants, but live for the gospel and the glory of Christ (Mark 8:35).”

Full article here:

To God be the glory,



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